Objective Type Questions Computer Arithmetic - Set 5

Here are the Multiple choice questions on Computer Arithmetic for the various Competitive Exams point of view.

1) The term sum - of - product in Boolean algebra means ?
  1. The AND function of several OR functions
  2. The OR function of several AND functions
  3. The OR function of several OR function
  4. The AND function of several AND functions
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Answer = B 
Explanation: Sum-Of-Products expressions lend themselves well to implementation as a set of AND gates (products) feeding into a single OR gate (sum).
2) The fan out capability of a digital building block can be defined as ?
  1. The number of inputs that one output can transmit to
  2. The amount of cooling required for fanning the hear out
  3. The number of inputs that can transmit to one input
  4. The maximum power dissipation that the unit can stand
  5. None of above
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Answer = A 
Explanation: N/A

3) The ALE line of an 8085 microprocessor is used to  ?
  1. Execute an RST by hardware
  2. Executes the instruction supplied by external device through the INTA signal
  3. Executes an instruction from memory location 20 H
  4. Executes a NOP
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Answer = A
Explanation:   ALE is address latch enable. the lower order address remains only for a single T satate then ths data is latched and the lower order address bus stores the data.
4) The cost for storing a bit is minimum in ?
  1. Cache
  2. Register
  3. RAM
  4. Magnetic tape
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Answer = D 
Explanation: N/A

5) The index register in a digital computer is used for  ?
  1. Pointing to the stack address
  2. Indirect addressing
  3. Keeping track of number of times a loop is executed
  4. Address modification
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Answer = D 
Explanation: An index register in a computer's CPU is a processor register used for modifying operand addresses during the run of a program, typically for doing vector/array operations.

6) After reset the CPU begins execution from the memory location ?
  1. 0000H
  2. 0001H
  3. FFEFH
  4. 8000H
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Answer = A 
Explanation: N/A

7) A single register to clear the lower four bits of the accumulator in 8085 assembly language is ?
  1. XRI 0FH
  2. ANI FOH
  3. XRI FOH
  4. ANI OFH
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Answer = B
Explanation: ANI FOH ANDs the accumulator with immediate. F leaves the high nibble whatever it is, 0 clears the lower nibble

8) If the total number of states in the fetching and execution phases of an 8085 instruction is known to be 7; the number of machine cycles is  ?
  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
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Answer = C 
Explanation: N/A

9) Von Neumann architecture is ?
  1. SISD
  2. SIMD
  3. MIMD
  4. MISD
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Answer = A 
Explanation:  In computing, SISD (single instruction, single data) is a term referring to a computer architecture in which a single processor, a uniprocessor, executes a single instruction stream, to operate on data stored in a single memory. This corresponds to the von Neumann architecture.

10) A typical application of MIMD is?
  1. railway reservation
  2. weather forecasting
  3. matrix multiplication
  4. All of above
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Answer = A 
Explanation: MIMD (multiple instruction, multiple data) is a technique employed to achieve parallelism.

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