Software Engineering Multiple Choice Questions - Set 4

Following are the Multiple Choice questions on Software Engineering with answers. Following questions are helpful in the preparation for UGC exams and TET exams and other competitive exams.

1) White box testing, a software testing  technique is sometimes called ?
  1. Basic path
  2. Graph Testing
  3. Dataflow
  4. Glass box testing
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Answer = D 
Explanation: White box testing also named as clear box testing, transparent testing, glass box testing and structural testing. It is a method in which the internal structure of application is tested.

2) Black box testing sometimes called ?
  1. Data Flow testing
  2. Loop Testing
  3. Behavioral Testing
  4. Graph Based Testing
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Answer = C 
Explanation: Black box testing is a method that tests for the functionality of an application.

3) Which of the following is a type of testing ?
  1. Recovery Testing
  2. Security Testing
  3. Stress Testing
  4. All of above
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Answer = D 
Explanation: Recovery testing is a method for testing how well a software can recover from crashes. Security testing ensures that the software protects the data and performs its all functions. Stress testing determines the robustness of software.
4) The objective of testing is ?
  1. Debugging
  2. To uncover errors
  3. To gain modularity
  4. To analyze system
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Answer = B 
Explanation: The main objecting of testing is to make the software error free.

5) ...... is a black box testing method ?
  1. Boundary value analysis
  2. Basic path testing
  3. Code path analysis
  4. None of above
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Answer = A 
Explanation:In boundary value analysis, we choose an input from test cases from an equivalence class such that the input lies on the edge of equivalence class.

6) Structured programming codes includes ?
  1. sequencing
  2. alteration
  3. iteration
  4. multiple exit from loops
  5. only A, B and C
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Answer = E 
Explanation:These three constructs are sufficient to program any algorithm. Moreover, as far as possible single entry single exit control constructs are used.
7) An important aspect of coding is ?
  1. Readability
  2. Productivity
  3. To use as small memory space as possible
  4. brevity
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Answer = A 
Explanation:Readability and understandability as a clear objective of coding activity can itself help in producing software that is more maintainable.

8) Data structure suitable for the application is discussed in ?
  1. data design
  2. architectural design
  3. procedural design
  4. interface design
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Answer = A
Explanation: Data design is the first and most important design activity, where the main issue is to select the appropriate data structure.

9) In object oriented design of software , objects have ?
  1. attributes and names only
  2. operations and names only
  3. attributes, name and operations
  4. None of above
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Answer = C 
Explanation: The objects contains attributes, names and operations as well.

10) Function oriented metrics were first proposed by  ?
  1. John
  2. Gaffney
  3. Albrecht
  4. Basili
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Answer = C 
Explanation:Albrecht suggests a measure called Function point, which are derives using a empirical relationship based on the countable measures of software information domain.

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