Multiple Choice Questions On Operating System With Answers - Set 3

1)Virtual memory is ?
  1. Extremely large main memory
  2. Extremely large secondary memory
  3. An illusion of an extremely large memory
  4. A type of memory used in super computers
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Answer = C
Explanation:  Virtual memory is a feature of Operating System that enables a process to use a memory independent of other processes.
2) Spatial locality refers to the problem that once a location  is referenced  ?
  1. It will not be referenced again
  2. It will be referenced again
  3. A nearby location will be referenced soon
  4. None of Above
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Answer =  B
Explanation: Spatial locality or locality of reference stats that the same value or related value is going to be referenced again.
3)  Which of the following is an example of SPOOLED device?
  1. The terminal used to enter the input data for a program being executed
  2. The secondary memory device in a virtual memory system
  3. A line printer used to print the output of number of job's
  4. None of above
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Answer = C 
Explanation:Line printer used to print the output of number of job's is an example of print spooling. In print spooling documents are loaded into the buffer and then the printer pulls then off the buffer at its own rate.

4) Page fault occurs when ?
  1. The page in corrupted by application software
  2. The page is in main memory
  3. The page is not in main memory
  4. One tries to divide number by 0
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Answer = C
Explanation:Page fault occurs when the page that is not in the main memory is tried to be accessed.

5)  Overlays is ?
  1. A part of Operating System
  2. A specific memory location
  3. A single contiguous memory that was used in the olden days for running large programs by swapping
  4. Overloading the system with many user files
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Answer = C
 Explanation: An overlay is when a process replaces itself with the code of another program.

6) Determine the number of page faults when references to pages occurs in the order 1,2,4,5,2,1,2,4. Assume that the main memory can accommodate 3 pages and the main memory already has the pages 1 and 2. With page 1 having been brought earlier that page 2(Assume LRU algorithm is used) ?
  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 4
  4. None
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Answer = C 
Explanation:As the reference string is 1,2,4,5,2,1,2,4 so if LRU page replacement algorithm is used then there will be 4 page faults.

7) Concurrent processed are processed that ?
  1. Do not overlap in time
  2. Overlap in time
  3. Are executed by processor at the same time
  4. None of Above
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Answer = B 
Explanation:Concurrent means something that executed at the same time ad something else.

8) The rage replacement policy that sometimes leads to more page faults when the size of the memory is increased is ?
  1. FIFO
  2. LRU
  3. no such policy exists
  4. None of Above
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Answer = A 
Explanation:If the size of memory is increased and FIFO page replacement algorithm is used then there will be more page faults.

9) The only transition that is initiated by the user process itself is ?
  1. block
  2. dispatch
  3. wake up
  4. None of Above
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Answer = A
10) Working set(r,k) at an instance of time t, is a set of ?
  1. k future references that operating system will make
  2. Future references that the operating system will make in the next 'k' time units
  3. k references with high frequency
  4. Pages that have been referenced in the last k time units
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Answer = D

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