Multiple Choice Questions On Computer Networks - Set 4

Following are the Multiple choice questions on Computer Networks based on the UGC - NET Syllabus 

1) The area of coverage of satellite radio beam is known as... ?
  1. Footprint
  2. Circular polarization
  3. Beam width
  4. Identity
  5. None of Above
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Answer = A 
Explanation:No explanation for this question.

2) Coaxial cable has conductors with ?
  1. Equal resistance
  2. The same diameter
  3. Both A and B
  4. A common axis
  5. None of these
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Answer = D 
Explanation: Coaxial cables has two type of conductors one is inner and other is outer that has common axis.

3) What protects the coaxial cable from noise ?
  1. Inner conductor
  2. Outer conductor
  3. Diameter of cable
  4. Insulating material
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Answer = B 
Explanation:The outer conductor is covered in protective plastic sheath. This shielding of coaxial cable give it a good combination of high bandwidth and excellent noise immunity.

4) Error detection at the data link level is achieved by ?
  1. Bit stuffing
  2. Hamming codes
  3. Cyclic Redundancy codes
  4. Equalization
  5. None of above
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Answer = A 
Explanation:Bit stuffing also known as positive justification is the insertion of non-information bits into data.

5) MAN refers to ?
  1. Mega Area Network
  2. Metropolitan Area Network
  3. Mini Area Network
  4. Medium Area Network
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Answer = B 
Explanation: A metropolitan area network covers a city. The best example is the cable television network available in cities.

6) Which of the following layer is not in OSI model ?
  1. physical layer
  2. internet layer
  3. network layer
  4. transport layer
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Answer =B
Explanation: The OSI model has total 7 layers out of which internet layer is not a part of OSI model.
7) Nyquist Theorem to calculate data rate is ?
  1. 2H log2 V bits/sec
  2. H log2 V bits/sec
  3. Hlog2 (1+S/N)
  4. 2H log2 (1+s/n)
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Answer = A  
Explanation:No explanation

8) Copper wire is an example of ?
  1. Guided Transmission Media
  2. Unguided Transmission Media
  3. Group Media
  4. None of these
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Answer = A 
Explanation:Copper wires comes under the Guided Media. Coaxial cables consist of the stiff copper wire as a core.

9) Iridium and Dysprosium projects, proposed by Motorola are related to ?
  1. Geosynchronous satellite
  2. Wavelength
  3. Low orbit satellite
  4. ISDN
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Answer = C 
Explanation:Moving down in altitude, we come to LEO satellites. Due to their rapid motion, large numbers of them are needed for a complete system.

10) Which of the following is a type of fragmentation ?
  1. Transparent
  2. Non transparent
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of these
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Answer = C 
Explanation:Fragmentation is used to break up the packets into fragments. It is of two types : Transparent and Non transparent.

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